Bath turned family beauty salon

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Many families began to favor intelligent and environmentally-friendly sanitary facilities, currently available on the market has many advanced features, handsome in appearance, fully embodies the humanism of new products and new designs, let us see in advance.

Intelligent technology into the bathroom

From the smart toilets to smart tub, intelligent toiletries development progress. Install the infrared sensor tap with automatic water, liquid soap functions; voice-activated bath shower water temperature can be adjusted according to oral instructions or water; smart toilet has a rinse, warm air dryer, seat heating, automatic sewage odor removal, and many other functions. Infrared sensor technology is widely used in water control, water control. With infrared sensing water control functions the bathtub or toilet, according to user preferences to adjust the massage water hole or toilet bowl outlet hole of the outlet, time interval, and grasp the flow of traffic.

Family bathroom beauty salons

As long as the economic strength of the license, you can do beauty salons and hospital equipment moved into the bathroom, try to get the bathroom facilities one by one become health props: easy and comfortable massage bath, sauna, light room is no longer a luxury; advanced nanometer technology, ceramic with antibacterial function; sit toilet to check the health condition of advanced instruments. Of course, with the health of props, you can make a comfortable SPA at home, or do a general health check.

Transparent shaped design

Quality is best reflected in the family room-bathroom part. Now, mix the whole transparent bathtub, basin shape, semi-circular, triangular, pentagonal, petal-shaped or fan-shaped; in color now bathroom space is no longer dominated by white and bone colors, purple, Orange, blue and other color is used.

New faucet water saving

At present, playing the "water-saving" banner product there are many automatic faucet is one of the leading hand into the water, hands moving water stop, keeping in mind the leading this step eliminates, the waste to a minimum. In addition, there are thermostatic mixer, preset in the factory for water temperature do so after leading gently unscrew, with pleasant temperature and proper flow of water at once. Automatic faucet will be kept within 0.5 c temperature difference, thus further reducing water waste.

Amazing hidden taps

Did you see water from the ceiling into the bathtub? seen hidden in the walls of taps? seen did not see the toilet tank? in fact, so many unexpected changes in the bath room. Wall-mounted mixer can hide in the ceiling or on the side walls of the tub, by outlet and drip tray is composed of two parts, unaware of the truth of the people thought the mosaic on the wall above the bathtub is a refined decoration, touch switches, water will Gush miraculously from the wall, crystal clear and full of water. If such a leader is installed in the bathroom ceiling, water like rain from the ceiling into the bathtub. The hidden-hung toilet and the tank, let the bathroom has the best space utilization, and make the bathroom more spacious and simple.

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