Renovated kitchen and what to do when treatment

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Waterproof work of kitchen for residents to solve problems on the one hand, on the other hand is avoid conflict in the neighborhood. Typically, waterproofing work is accompanied by a renovation of the kitchen, the method varies. Home improvement kitchen waterproof do? in the renovated kitchen how to make waterproof? small series of five finishing kitchen and water content, let's take a look at it.

Protection of the kitchen and the original waterproof layer

Home improvement areas in waterproofing work, we must recognize that: General buying houses, toilets, bathrooms, kitchen floor is a waterproof layer is according to certain standards. Therefore, the first thing to do is to protect the waterproof layer, you can reduce the possibility of leakage. In the kitchen space within the device's installation, do not arbitrarily change the tube specifications and change the original layout, otherwise it may damage the waterproof layer. And when the original waterproof layer is damaged, when to repair as soon as possible, or even redo waterproofing work. Protect the original waterproofing layer the step might seem easy, but is one of the most easily overlooked.

Second, kitchen water pipes within the wall to do waterproofing

Kitchen and waterproofing, primary prevention is water leakage. Therefore, at home in the process, we would like to waterproof construction of water pipeline in the Groove of the wall. General layout of water pipes in the wall must be reasonable, given pipe diameter is greater than the grooves. When done waterproofing work, grooved internal plastering and paint on waterproof coating products. Apart from using waterproof paint, we also pay attention to the plumbing of a tilt, tendency to drain as much as possible, let the water normally to the pipeline. Water pipes within the wall waterproof is the basic work, others more when the actions set, depending on the actual situation of the owners.

Third, the kitchen and bathroom walls to do waterproofing

Waterproof of home improvement kitchen there is an operation that is relatively easy to ignore, it is wall waterproofing. Many people believe that leakage is associated with water and ground water seepage. In fact, in the bathroom, especially shower, most of the water will be splashed on the walls when we shower. If the shower room walls without waterproof treatment, that would cause the walls moldy, even on the wall at the top of the damp and moldy. Therefore, we might as well before laying wall tiles, bathroom waterproof coating for waterproofing a wall surface, the waterproof layer height of at least 30cm.

Four, good kitchen and ground water

To waterproof the kitchen floor is one of the major tasks of the home kitchen waterproof. Before the renovation, after cleaning the ground and treated with cement mortar for leveling the ground first, and then laid before the kitchen bathroom floor tiles, use waterproof coating for painting, concrete waterproofing paint usage is subject to specific products. Reapply waterproof coating on the ground for General is 2 to 3 times. In addition, where walls and floor seams, or is connected to the water mains, are more prone to problems. Therefore, these kitchen floor waterproof work must be done carefully.

Five, with a 24-hour "water test" acceptance of kitchen and waterproof

After working in the kitchen of waterproof, what should we be testing? commonly used method is water tested. Detailed steps: after the end of the waterproof, front kitchen, sewers, as well as copper and stainless steel floor drain floor drain is sealed. And then storage height of water in the bathroom, and then marked, and then wait 24 hours. Then toilet water level there are no obvious decline, if not remarkable, the waterproofing effect is good, otherwise you will need to do the waterproof work. In addition, at the time of inspection, or you can go downstairs tenants there to observe whether there is water leakage, which is responsible for others.

Small series to bring home improvement kitchen waterproof work related content than that. Described above are just home improvement kitchen of waterproof 5, not all methods of waterproofing. Therefore, when heads of waterproofing work in the decoration, you can reference the above practices, so as to better waterproofing work.

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