Sanitary analysis on development trend of energy saving and environmental protection in the future will never change

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Ware market rational development, is bathroom industry development of fundamental, now bathroom market of fierce competition, not only makes bathroom industry again shuffle or clear brand, consumers consumption psychological also occurred has obviously of change, and on bathroom products of questioned, and which effect with future bathroom market of development trend, this changes from "perceptual consumption" change for "rational consumption", high price products by favored.

Energy saving and environmental protection is a permanent topic for the development of the market, in this day and age, water-saving sanitary ware industry attention.

Sanitary industry to increased competition, ware prices are transparent, in particular the financial turmoil, and sanitary products consumption by "sensibility consumption" turned into "rational consumer" become the most prominent features on the market, is also an important trend of development in the future.

Now China has entered the bathroom to enjoy stage of the culture of the city. Research and development of products, the most important thing is to take human factors into account. Brand had been organised by a consumer survey, one of the topics is "what do you need a bathroom?" In the resulting answer, there are four kinds of answers the most concentrated: one bathroom decoration is simple stretching, but reflects the identity and status of people; the second is the bathroom accessories and has high requirements; the third is to functional ware; its four is a large space, 4 square ~10 square meters, the lighting is good. Second survey topic is "what the requirement for bathroom decoration?" 80% respondents answered "want support, consistency of style. Best to find a brand. "These are the basis for our building the perfect bathroom space data.

Home beauty salon

As long as economic strength license, you do can will SPA beauty salons and hospital of equipment moved into bathroom in, attempts to with let bathroom in of each details are became a health props: comfort comfortable of massage bathtub, and sauna room, and optical bath room has no longer is luxury; advanced of nano technology makes ceramic has has antibacterial function; on even seat will device also into has can check body of advanced instrument. What reasons do we have refused to do a bathroom in your home is the most comfortable SPA, or do a general health examination?

Water saving

Played "water" banner of has induction leading, hand to water on out, hand be on fire on stopped, checks taps of this fee water period cancel off; also has thermostat leading, in factory Qian on water temperature do has pre adjustable, makes leading in gently twist open Hou, on immediately to pleasant of water temperature and appropriate of flow water, from a began on will waste control to minimum limits. Its leading structure is extremely accurate, and can automatically and continuously compensate for changes in water pressure, water temperature, can make the water instant reach the temperature requirements of the user and kept within 0.5 c temperature difference, thus further reducing water waste.

Water-saving toilet, everyone straight-saving trust, siphon innovation, introduced both mute and siphon jet of water. Also some manufacturers do not meet 3/6 liters of water flow switch, introduced 4 liters of water-saving sanitary ware, reflect consumers very well, even the waterless urinals, was saving water to zero.

Intelligent technology

From smart to smart tub depth of intelligent toiletries development, so that we see clearly the product with a new concept will continue to lead the sanitary ware market trends. Install the infrared sensor tap with automatic water, liquid soap functions; voice-activated bath shower water temperature can be adjusted according to oral instructions or water; toilet with warm water, warm air dryer, seat heating, automatic stain odor removal, and many other features ... ...

Infrared sensor technology is widely used in water control, water control. With infrared sensing water control functions in the bathtub or toilet, according to preferences to adjust the massage water hole toilet water holes, or time interval, grasp the rhythm and intensity of flow.

Special design

Bathroom is in a House can best embody the qualities of the parts. This year the whole transparent bathtub, basin shape in different poses, semi-circular, triangular, pentagonal, petal-shaped or circular 1/4, is no longer just white and bone colors in the bathroom, but full of fun colors.

Amazing hidden

Did you see water from the ceiling into the bathtub? seen hidden in the walls of taps? seen did not see the toilet tank? in fact, so many unexpected changes in the bath room, today's concealed fittings have become the object of many consumer advocates.

Wall-tap to hide in the ceiling, or on the side walls of the tub, by outlet and drip tray is composed of two parts, do not understand people who thought it was a delicate mosaic decorations on the wall above the bathtub. Touch switch, water miraculously coming out of the walls, crystal clear and full of water. If such a leader is installed in the bathroom ceiling, the water column can also be like rain from the ceiling into the bathtub. The hidden-hung toilet and the tank, let the bathroom has the best space utilization, more spacious and simple.

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